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real estate yalova

Real estate yalova turkey

Villas for sale in yalova in turkey, 4 bedrooms and lounge and kitchen

area: 230 m2.


real estate yalova

yalova real estate: sale apartment yalova, three bedrooms, lounge, fitted kitchen. Floor area: 84 m²

Villa for sale yalova turkey, four bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, two bathrooms, area: 152 sqm.

Apartment for sale in Yalova in Turkey in the city center, three bedrooms, living room, two bathrooms. Area: 135 m².

Yalova Villa for sale in Turkey, near the sea, four bedrooms, living room. Area: 190 .

Building for sale Yalova in Turkey, consisting of 9 apartments, area: 1500 m².

Apartments for sale in Yalova in Turkey the sea, three bedrooms, living room, cuisinen, bathroom.

Land for sale in Yalova in Turkey, area: 4000 .

Villa for sale in Yalova turkey, 5 bedrooms and lounge, area: 250 m².


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Last edited: 18/07/2019